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Resources problem (windres.exe >> MinGW) Typo?

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When compiling a project with a resource script (.rc) using MinGW i get this:

--- Quote ---windres.exe: invalid option -- J
--- End quote ---

The command line is this:

--- Quote ---windres.exe -i code\resource.rc -J rc -o code\.objs\code\resource.res -O coff
--- End quote ---

Shouldn't it be like this:

--- Quote ---windres.exe -i code\resource.rc -I rc -o code\.objs\code\resource.res -O coff
--- End quote ---

* Notice the -I instead of -J! *

If that's the problem then how can I replace the -J that goes into the command line (in CB)?

Thanks! (Hope I didn't post a complete bullshit, I'm not sure if that's the problem)

Oh... almost forgot... beta7!

Nobody is using the search?


Oh, that little rectangle on the top right? No, I guess not. ^^;

I'm so so sorry for not using the search (I didn't know this forum had it). Before I post I took a look at the 1st and 2nd pages of the forum but I didn't see the search box up there.

Anyway, that worked! It's fixed now, thanks a lot...

Oh, one more thing, when I try to debug (run to cursor) the project I get this:

--- Quote ---
Selecting target: mingw(debugging)
Compiling: done
Starting debugger: done
Adding source dir: C:/Programming/Editor/
No source file named code\main.cpp.

--- End quote ---

It seems gdb can't find the source file (all of them are located in 'code' dir inside them project's dir. Does anyone know how can I make it work?  (I used the search feature now ;) )

Sorry for being such a pain in the *ss


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