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(How can i be a better linux programer)
« on: April 08, 2006, 10:45:40 pm »
I don't like or try to asking a bounch of stupid questions(i just good at it) on the form I am afraid of pepole getting agrevated can some one direct me to some good book that will explain thing other then the basic so i might avoid doing so, and help me on my why to trying to be a better linux programer.

I have problem like this

How do you know wich define to use in your program some time it in the read me and you can tell a little in the source(but who want to look thou all the source)  it often seem niglected.

Finding  what enviorment varibles are needed  for what program is just as hard as problem #1 

If I could buy a good book the cover more of the typical. I gladly buy and read them.

Note : i have all ready bought linux complete and the redhat 7.3 bible(to give me a basic understanding of linux) in the past and keep them for reference.  I don't find them much help thou. I also bought  learning c++ in 24 hours and read many other c++ book from the libarry none of them covered the above problems.

It might also bee a good idea to put some book in the link section of codeblocks wich is curently empty. Thanks