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Compiling wx 2.6.0 by following the instructions fails.

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David Perfors:
Thanks for the link, I've got it up and running (except that I can't use wxMimeTypeManager anymore :()


--- Quote from: mispunt ---when trying to compile with the the new instructions on the forum, I get a bump of errors...
--- End quote ---

i just checked out Code::Blocks from CVS and followed the instructions
from the README-wx2.6.0 file, and everything worked
as described there.

But it needs a little modification:
add the directory with the build info header setup.h to the compilers list of directories

Yiannis will not have detected this error, because he does obviously the following:
i've read here a few times that some are copying this setup.h file to the
"include\wx" directory, but  i can't recommend this, because you get
in troubles, if you want develop in parallel for several builds of wxWidgets
on the same development environment.

The intended way is to include the nesseray setup.h file dependent
of which libs one want to use for building the application.
Therefore, only one directory more has to be given as described below:

--- Quote from: modified README-wx2.6.0 ---
Now that wxWidgets-2.6.0 is released, work has begun to port Code::Blocks to work with it.
Officialy, Code::Blocks still uses wxWidgets-2.4.2, until all issues from porting it to wxWidgets-2.6.0  are resolved.

Win32: MDI client window is not behaving correctly when maximized (initially, by code)

HOWTO build wxWidgets-2.6.0 for use with Code::Blocks
This process requires that you have MinGW installed. MSYS is *not* needed.
Download and decompress the wxWidgets-2.6.0 source distribution. For the rest of this small HOWTO, C:\wx2.6.0 will be assumed to be the directory wxWidgets-2.6.0 exists in.
Open a command prompt and type the following:

cd C:\wx2.6.0\build\msw
mingw32-make -f makefile.gcc BUILD=release SHARED=1 MONOLITHIC=1 USE_XRC=1 UNICODE=0 VENDOR=cb
cd ..\..\contrib\build\stc
mingw32-make -f makefile.gcc BUILD=release SHARED=1 MONOLITHIC=1 USE_XRC=1 UNICODE=0 VENDOR=cb

If all has gone well, the necessary libs and DLLs will exist in C:\wx2.6.0\lib\gcc_dll.
Copy the DLLs somewhere in your path (c:\windows\system32 is a good choice).
Open CodeBlocks-wx2.6.0.cbp with Code::Blocks and add the following search dirs:



Resource compiler:

Now hit "Compile".
That's it!
Now, fix that MDI window bug ;)

- If all goes well and you build Code::Blocks with wx2.6.0, but when you launch it it crashes, delete all plugins and hit "Compile" again (it will only link the plugins).
- Different object files output dirs are used for building Code::Blocks with wx2.6.0, so you can have Code::Blocks work with either wxWidgets version (2.4.2 or 2.6.0) independently.

If you have any problems, post them in the Development forum at

--- End quote ---

best regards

FYI: To compile wxWidgets 2.6.0, we need GNU Make 3.80 for the mingw compile.  Code::Blocks 1.0 ships with 3.77.  I copied mine over from DevCpp.  Can you update mingw in the install?

Will do. Thanks for the info.


Also: I'm assuming the added directories in the doc refer to the Project->Properties->(Project's Build Options...)->(Directories Tab) and NOT the general Compile->Compiler Options->(Directories Tab).  Correct?


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