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Remote debug with GDB
« on: April 05, 2006, 10:29:34 am »

I'm trying to use remote debug with GDB in C::B.

So, I modified the plugin provided in the source code of C::B.
I deleted some lines which send commands to GDB, like "set confirm off", "set new-console on"... and I put a line to send the command "target remote ip:port". The debug works, except some error messages !

However, I have a little bug. When I'm running the debug, the line (of my C code) in progress is not highlighted. In the normal debug, the line in progress is blue, but with my plugin version there is no blue line. What is the problem ? I have only comments SendCommand() fonction line.

Another problem is shared libraries.
I work in a Windows host PC and my target is a Linux PC. So, when I launch GDB in remote debug, I have some errors to read shared library symbols which are not in the host PC.

Thanks for your answers.
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