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Can't use 2 differents GCC compilers
« on: April 02, 2006, 11:11:18 pm »
first of all, I'm using the very latest Nightly Build (1st march 2006) on Ubuntu Linux 5.1

I'm willing to use Codeblocks to code for both PC-SDL and PSP. So I'm using both the standard GCC compiler (i386 Target) and a PSP GCC cross-compiler (PSP Target). I have it installed in /usr/local/pspdev (more info on

So here's what I'm doing.
I copied the GCC Compiler configuration renaming it to PSP GCC Compiler and setting up the new paths.

I have 2 projects in my workspace. A static lib and my main application.

I want each project to have 2 target, PC and PSP.

But it's impossible to set the PSP targets to use the PSP compiler. The compiler option in the build option dialog is greyed out, locked on the standard GCC Compiler, either on the project panel or on the target panel.

Is it a bug ? Am I doing something wrong ?
Please help me.
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