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Bounty: Testing the wxIFM (dockable windows) library

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OK guys, wxWidgets 2.6 is out, and we're changing our code to use this new version of wxWidgets.

This will allow us to use libraries which weren't available with wxWidgets 2.4.x. One of these libraries is wxIFM.

wxIFM is a dockable-windows library for wxWidgets - unfortunately it hasn't been tested on Linux (but nobody says it doesn't work, since it uses wxwidgets :wink: )

So this is why we need your help: Since we can't change the C::B sourcecode with an untested (and relatively new) library, this has to be done on a test subject.

We need you to make a sample program (as simple as possible) that has "dockable" toolbars (or panels). Think of this as a "software guinea pig".

Why don't we do it ourselves? Lack of time. We're too busy developing C::B, remember? :P So the more people working on diff. parts of the project, the sooner these features will be implemented.

The requirements for this sample app using wxIFM are:

* Is a wxMDIParent Frame
* Has some of the toolbuttons similar to the ones in Code::Blocks
* One of the toolbars must have one or more wxComboBoxes

The wxIFM library can be found here. The wxWidgets library is found here.

We also need Windows and Linux testers for this.


wxIFM sounds like the way to go. I'm a fan of CB and would like it to be everything to all developers (everybody converges on this one IDE, bloody makefiles go away), and I just came to think of one hurdle: Many programmers are religious about their editors (not me) and won't use IDE's because of this. How to facilitate external editors? I suppose one (the only??) way would be to adopt the (confusing) floating windows scheme of Gimp and wxGlade, and not use dockable windows. Just a thought.


PS: Personally I much prefer CB as it is. It's just that anything that can make makefiles go away is good :)

I seem to have read that the MDI framework would be abolished. Does that have an impact on this project?

Absolutely. "MDI bug" is one of the showstoppers that prevents us from switching to wx2.6.  When we [the devs] deal with all of them, we can do the switch and maybe (repeat: MAYBE) begin the tests using wxIFM.

I personally can't stand that floating windows thing that Gimp uses, too many items in the taskbar :).

Seriously though, it should die.


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