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Some bug and a feature request
« on: March 09, 2006, 11:53:06 am »
Dear All,

Using the CB nightly build 2159 (Windows XP) I am observing the following bugs.

1) I have the ISO-8859-1 as default encoding in general setting. If I click on the New File icon (toolbar)
to create a new file (with or without a project already open) the new file is created using the
Windows-1252 encoding (system default ?). Because I set ISO-8859-1 as default I would like to use
the default encoding everywhere if I don't change the encoding. Saving the file and reopening it the
encoding change to right default setting.
Can you confirm it?

2) Using the TODO facility it seems that the priority number is not inserted in the todo comment. I get

/* TODO (massimo##): foo */

(using the add to do item in the right click menu) The specified priority does not appear between the #. I f I manually
insert the priority number it will be correctly used by the to do window.
I tested almost all options in the window but the priority number does not appear.

Can you confirm it?

3) As a feature request I would like to have the option to sort the TODO item by priority.





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Re: Some bug and a feature request
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2006, 06:31:43 pm »
1. Yes I can confirm.
2. Haven't cheked yet.