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Hello all,
I am trying to compile code for MSP430 but getting errors. I have a folder which contains the binaries for MSP430 (in folder c:\ti\msp430-gcc). I have added the path. In CB, under settings -> compiler (heading "global compiler settings"), under compiler flags, I set (ticked) some options (optimization not set to any, I guess this will be treated as -O0), specially under MSP430 MCU derivatives (-mmcu option to CC430 5125, my controller (MSP430F67791) is not listed). When I compile a simple 'C' code without any reference controller specific instructions (just a main and a forever loop), I am getting the error "missing argument to -mmcu=". I have also set this compiler as default compiler (though I use generic GCC for Windows). Here are my questions
1. How can I rectify this error?
2. Is there a way I can provide the specific controller part which is missing in the list? If not, what is the workaround?
3. Is there any clear/elaborate tutorial on setting up embedded MCU projects and building?

I await your guidance. Thank you for your time.

Miguel Gimenez:
You should use the "GNU GCC Compiler for MSP430 (HighTec)". If your CPU is not listed, but suported by the compiler, you can add it in the "Other compiler options", p.e. -mmcu=mps430xG666

Hi Miguel Gimenez,
Thank you very much for your reply. Just wanted to clarify
1. Is it necessary to use "GNU GCC Compiler for MSP430 (HighTec)" compiler only? As mentioned earlier I have msp430-gcc compiler and I included a sample header file, which gave no errors. MSP430GCC has support for my controller.
2. In case the CPU is listed, by selecting (ticking), "-mmcu=" flag should have been generated/added. Am I right? Or is it necessary that I add this under "other compiler options"?

I await your reply. Thanks once again.

Miguel Gimenez:
Using the specific compiler is the way relevant options are supported, so you do not need to add other compiler options.
Ticking the MCU will generate the "-mmcu=" flag, enable full build log and check.

Thank you. I did tick (selected the controller from the available list) however the compiler complains about "mmcu" not being set. This is the issue. I will try the command line and update you.



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