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alternative GDB issue


I tried fresh gdb 14 from
I configured it as "gdb14-64" (see attach 1 ) and assigned it to the toolchain (see attach 1), replacing native gdb form this toolchain, "nix64" (see attach 1).
However,  old "nix64" gdb is jumping out when I`m trying to debug (see attach 1). In default.conf all looks ok (attach 2), when I hacked "nix64" profile to use ssbssa gdb, it worked. Looks like somewhere in depth of the C::B old profile, "nix64", is not replaced with new one "gdb14-64".
"So it goes" (с)
Update: Problem was resolved according to,22724.msg154381.html#msg154381 recommendation. Somehow "nix64" was assigned as "active debugger"  :-X

Grad to see you have solved your problem.

I use this GDB for a long time. I think this GDB is better than the Msys2's GDB.


For me main surprise was that C::B abandoned default gdb configuration and selected "nix64". It is good feature- manual selection of the actuald debugger-  but when user do it with purpose.  I did not do it, and I`m afraid that there is kind of "slow" corruption of the default.conf 
I`m using  ssbssa gdb from time to time, when update of the gdb in mingw distribution is delayed. It is solid stuff.


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