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what happens when we press build (more extensive and readable/clear build log)


I am trying to learn more about the compiler and linker, and the build process, so that I could maybe make build script(like .bat file) for different environments. And as a test I am building one of my old projects. But I am having trouble with linking. I feel like it would help me immensely to know how code blocks did it.

I have read one of the wiki's. It didn't really go in detail. (I am mostly interested in the preprocessing phase and the build script parts)

I think my problem will be solved by the question, what happens when we press build, how does code blocks goes about instructing the compiler and linker? or maybe how do I get un-cluttered build logs?

(I am sorry if this question doesn't belong here. I've tried asking in different places but they mostly just aske me to use cmake or some buildsystem to build the project. I don't really want to learn new language. g++ arguments are just fine)

Look at the "build log" ignore the "build messages"

solved. I couldn't find a way to make the build log more "readable". But this blog/page on linkers was really helpful (not related to code blocks).

I also found it super cool that .cbp file could be used as a build script(a very readable one) and how it can be used to built a project. really cool stuff.
(Idk I think I need to quite playing around and learn established build system someday).

Anyway, it was a fun side journey. thanks for the replies.


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