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I have made a first step on c++
I have downloaded code::blocks
I have copied a simple print program
When I click on build and run nothing happens.
can someone advise me what I am missing, please ?

Miguel Gimenez:
"Nothing happens" is untrue, the build log must show some messages. Read this at least twice and repost.

Dear Miguel. Thank you for replying to my query on the forum.
I realise your role is to help with more complex problems, but I seek to offer a report.
I have written thousands of lines of source code in Basic, and in Z80 and 6809 Assemly language, but this foray into C++ with Codeblocks has got me baffled.
I have studied the information that you kindly made available.
The only response in the lower box is "checking the existence of............".   
When I can get the Command line to appear, It will not accept any input.
It is regrettable that this simplest source code program does not work  on Codeblocks  (It works perfectly on an Online C++ Compiler). I am assuming that "build and run" means "compile and execute"
If I cannot get a simplest routine to work on Codeblocks, then I am lost.
Today`s beginner can be  tomorrow`s dedicated user, but it is not working at the simplest level.

OK, try it like this:
1. Open C::B
2. Create new project (something like "console application")
2.1. Select C++
2.2 Finalize creation
3. Open "main.cpp"
4. CopyPaste your code in "main.cpp"
5. Save everything, just in case
6. Build the project
7. Run

Miguel Gimenez:

--- Quote ---The only response in the lower box is "checking the existence of............".
--- End quote ---

Was the check successful?. You have not posted the build log, so we do not know if compilation failed, running is failing or the program runs but does not work as intended.

I have also programmed thousand of lines in 6502, 68000, Z80 and small microcontrollers, and I learnt to use the tool's logs whenever something failed.


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