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Console NOK from command prompt but OK from CB activation


Hi. I have a Win 10 system with CB.  A project that uses a dll (compiled with another project) works fine when operated from CB (with the green arrow) but fails with a Command Prompt mode of operation.

The following gives some data from my system;

--- Quote ---The build =======>
g++.exe -Wall -fexceptions -g  -c C:\u\CodeBlock_C++\DLL\02_Console\main.cpp -o obj\Debug\main.o

g++.exe  -o bin\Debug\Console.exe obj\Debug\main.o   C:\u\CodeBlock_C++\DLL\02_Console\bin\Debug\libCreateUse.a

Output file is bin\Debug\Console.exe with size 72.99 KB
Process terminated with status 0 (0 minute(s), 0 second(s))
0 error(s), 0 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 0 second(s))

OK operation with green arrow (cb) =======>
a= 22
b= 11
the sum is 33
a= 44
b= 22
the difference is 22

NOK operation with Command Prompt ========>
 Volume in drive C is OS
 Volume Serial Number is 5484-444A

 Directory of C:\u\CodeBlock_C++\DLL\02_Console\bin\Debug

08-May-24  02:59 PM    <DIR>          .
08-May-24  02:59 PM    <DIR>          ..
08-May-24  02:59 PM            74,745 Console.exe
08-May-24  02:15 PM            59,052 CreateUse.dll
08-May-24  02:15 PM             2,384 libCreateUse.a
               3 File(s)        136,181 bytes
               2 Dir(s)  148,093,124,608 bytes free



--- End quote ---

The NOK operation with the last bit of the above is a mystery ??
The OK operation atleast asked the operator for the required numbers.

Regards JC....

Hi. I found issue. I should have known better.

--- Quote ---C:\u\CodeBlock_C++\DLL\02_Console\bin\Debug>dir
 Volume in drive C is OS
 Volume Serial Number is 5484-444A

 Directory of C:\u\CodeBlock_C++\DLL\02_Console\bin\Debug

09-May-24  02:47 PM    <DIR>          .
09-May-24  02:47 PM    <DIR>          ..
09-May-24  11:50 AM            74,745 Console.exe
09-May-24  11:01 AM            59,052 CreateUse.dll
09-May-24  02:47 PM    <DIR>          junk
09-May-24  11:04 AM    <DIR>          junk2
09-May-24  11:01 AM             2,384 libCreateUse.a
17-Oct-23  02:04 PM           112,640 libgcc_s_seh-1.dll
17-Oct-23  02:04 PM         2,282,496 libstdc++-6.dll
17-Oct-23  02:04 PM            54,784 libwinpthread-1.dll
               6 File(s)      2,586,101 bytes
               4 Dir(s)  148,848,451,584 bytes free

--- End quote ---

I was missing the last 3 dll's above.  These are from the MinGW compiler section.
These I presume are what I need for standalone console operation while another 2 files (dll's) are required for wx_Widgets (Release and Debug versions of the same).
Regards JC......


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