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Working with two versions of wxWidgets
« on: March 09, 2006, 02:58:15 am »
   I just wanted to post some tips I have learned about dealing with both the Unicode & ANSI versions compiled.  I keep both libraries under one directory .\libraries\wxWidgets\ then I divide it into subdirectories wxWidgets26 & wxWidgets26u.  The u being the result of using CFG=u and it is also in gcc_dllu & mswu.

   Now, I found it is handy to have the variable WX_CFG (not my idea for a name) in a lot of directory names.  For example:

wx global variable = C:\development\libraries\wxwidgets\wxWidgets26$(WX_CFG)\wx

the project library (project->build options->linker) = wxmsw26$(WX_CFG)

directories under the build option I added: $(#WX.lib)\gcc_dll$(WX_CFG)\msw$(WX_CFG) under compiler (for setup.h)
                                                            $(#WX.lib)\gcc_dll$(WX_CFG) under the linker

I followed the directions and under .\libraries\wxwidgets\wxWidgets26u\wx\lib\gcc_dllu\mswu\wx\setup.h I set UNICODE to 1.

I think that's it.  When I want to use & compile Unicode, I set WX_CFG=u.  I just wanted to mention these things just in case it might help others that followed the direction in the wiki to compile the Unicode.  I also have both dll versions in windows\system32 (the Unicode version ends up being wxmsw26u_gcc_cb.dll).

Hope this helps someone.
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a little light reading from the wxWidgets 2.6.2 readme: A detailed 2000-page reference manual is supplied in HTML, PDF and Windows Help form: see the docs hierarchy.