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Problems getting my printer to work with codeblocks.

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Greetings all,

I am using C::B 20.03 on Linux Mint and all seems to work OK.

C::B gives a garbled mashup on my printer  Kyocera 3550ci which is wirelesly connected to an old WinXP network.

I have been kindly helped to get my Samba file in line ( several years ago ) so that I can see my Windows network and can transfer files
between the windows XP network and my Linux Mint machine and vice versa.

I am beginning to think that the samba file may need to be modified somehow to allow C::B to print correctly.

It would be helpful to know if the samba file on this Linux machine is somehow causing the problem and perhaps I will need to get down
in the weeds to figure out what needs to be done.  It would also be good to know if this is a known bug in C:B but
I doubt it.

I can print OK from LIbrewriter if I copy the program across but this may become problematic later as programs get bigger.

Librewriter on Linux prints my new docuemnts on the same printer perfectly.

I am also getting "wrong format"  messages on my large format plotter ffom CAD packages on Linux which is also connected
to an XP machine which is also on the WinXP network if that is of any use.

Any ideas?


Tony Aimer 

Miguel Gimenez:
May be related to ticket 1214, does you printing look like the PDF in the first post?

Yes it does look a bit like that.  I had thought of a third option to resolving the problem

I could buy a new printer ( A4 ) and plug it directly into the Linux box and see if the problem goes away or
persists. This would eliminate the samba issue and might be driver related?


Miguel Gimenez:
It is not driver-related, just Scintilla failing to print outside MSW.

Pardon my ignorance

what is scintilla?

what is MSW?



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