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g++.exe what -std=c++ <what version>


Hi. I understand that I have installed a compiler package in a folder MinGW.
If I do not specify in CB what to use, then how can I determine what has been used
(wrt C++ standard) ??

A sample of the built log follows;

--- Quote ----------------- Clean: Debug in ThreadNames (compiler: GNU GCC Compiler)---------------

Cleaned "ThreadNames - Debug"

-------------- Build: Debug in ThreadNames (compiler: GNU GCC Compiler)---------------

g++.exe -Wall -fexceptions -g -IC:\WxWidgetsSetup\include -IC:\WxWidgetsSetup\lib\gcc_dll -c C:\u\CodeBlock_C++\EasyLoggingpp_ThreadNames\ThreadNames\ -o obj\Debug\easylogging++.o
g++.exe -Wall -fexceptions -g -IC:\WxWidgetsSetup\include -IC:\WxWidgetsSetup\lib\gcc_dll -c C:\u\CodeBlock_C++\EasyLoggingpp_ThreadNames\ThreadNames\main.cpp -o obj\Debug\main.o
g++.exe  -o bin\Debug\ThreadNames.exe obj\Debug\easylogging++.o obj\Debug\main.o   C:\WxWidgetsSetup\lib\gcc_dll\libwxmsw32ud.a C:\WxWidgetsSetup\lib\gcc_dll\libwxmsw32u.a
C:\u\CodeBlock_C++\EasyLoggingpp_ThreadNames\ThreadNames\ In member function 'el::Logger* el::base::RegisteredLoggers::get(const std::string&, bool)':


--- End quote ---

Regards JC.....

What ever is the default for the Compiler version installed!

Learn about the compiler you installed and the use a web search tool to find the default standard for C and C++.

Tim S.

Miguel Gimenez:
You can print the __cplusplus macro, see this link for more information.


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