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successor of 20.03 available?

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Hello Community,

I'm using B::C 20.03 since the first relaese and now I see that the nightly builds have included a lot of improvements over the last four years.
I'm woundering why there is no new release since 20.03? The compiler has changed, the wxwidgets have been changed to new version too,
but c::b  as official release (and binaries) is the same over the last four years.

Can we expect a new binary release of c::b soon?

Tanks in advance


--- Quote ---Can we expect a new binary release of c::b soon?
--- End quote ---
Possibly yes in the not too distant future. Please do not ask, when exactly.

So blauzahn are you speaking for the CB dev team or personal speak?

I am no cb dev. So, it is personal speak. I use the current trunk anyway. Nonetheless, I assume that it will serve as the next release somewhen.

Hi devs, a new release is a good idea since LSP support is added. Now it is not easy to recommend codeblocks to others as most of them gets uninterested when I say they have to use nightly builds


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