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gdb of better compiler not working

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--- Quote from: mckl on April 19, 2024, 07:16:26 am ---Never mind I ve figured it out turns out these nightly versions do not support 13.2 yet. So I have switched to 13.1 and now it works.

--- End quote ---
I have nighties (including last one) running with 13.2 gcc (nixman) without such problems. 

Grit Clef:
Then maybe Xaviou's build can be suitable?

Miguel Gimenez:
GNU has changed the output of the "info breakpoints" command in GDB 13. From Sourceware change log:

--- Quote ---* "info breakpoints" now displays enabled breakpoint locations of
  disabled breakpoints as in the "y-" state.  For example:

   (gdb) info breakpoints
   Num     Type           Disp Enb Address            What
   1       breakpoint     keep n   <MULTIPLE>
   1.1                         y-  0x00000000000011b6 in ...
   1.2                         y-  0x00000000000011c2 in ...
   1.3                         n   0x00000000000011ce in ...

--- End quote ---

The Enb column previously showed 'y' or 'n', now it shows 'y-' or 'n'. This may be fooling the debugger plugin.


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