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problem with silent install in version codeblocks-20.03mingw-setup


olivier sc:
Hello dear,

I try to install silently codeblocks-20.03mingw-setup.exe with /S
I get alwais a exit status 2
When i lunch it, no compiler is present.
You can see attached image:
in 1 it is a machine that has never had codeblock installed.
in 2 it is a machine installed by hand or having already had codeblock installed

I see this on chocolatey package to!

Hi, this image is too small that nothing can be seen from it.

I suggest using a nightly version of Code::Blocks, and this version don't need to be "installed". You just need to "unzip" the extracted zip files.

About the compiler, you need to install a compiler, for example:

[WinLibs - GCC+MinGW-w64 compiler for Windows](


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