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new idea: smart copy of the code snippet with [code] tag around


Under my web browser, I have an addon named: Link Text and Location Copier

With this add on, I can copy the link with many kinds of format, such as: wikipedia link format, or makdown link format or phpBB link format.

I think we can have a similar function, when you copy a piece of the code in the editor, we can got the result like:

--- Code: ---In the source file: xxxx/yyyy.cpp
code tag begin

The code content.

code tag end

--- End code ---

Any ideas? Or maybe we already have this feature?


--- Quote from: gleason32 on April 12, 2024, 06:18:43 am ---That's a great idea! There isn't a universally built-in feature for copying code with context like your browser extension does for links. Exploring these options should help you achieve the desired code copy functionality in your editor.

--- End quote ---

Are you an AI bot?

I will report it to moderator.


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