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Configuring project compilation (example Dislin library)


After the project settings, the compilation lines look like:
--- Code: ---g++.exe -Wall -m64 -fexceptions -std=c++20 -g -Wall  -c N:\MyProgramming\Dislin\exa_cpp.cpp -o obj\Debug\exa_cpp.o
g++.exe  -o bin\Debug\Dislin.exe obj\Debug\exa_cpp.o  -m64 -lopengl32  N:\MyProgramming\Dislin\discpp.a
--- End code ---
I need to rearrange in a row -lopengl32 and N:\MyProgramming\Dislin\discpp.a:
--- Code: ---N:\MyProgramming\Dislin\discpp.a -lopengl32
--- End code ---

Can you tell me how to do this? The project

Grit Clef:
In that project's Build Options, use the up and down arrows in Linker Settings->Link Libraries to change their sequence.

Thanks, it worked out.


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