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codeblocks randomly crashes when writing

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i am using debian12.5 nighly version newly and now i am getting tired of codeblocks debug report problem,
this is what it looks like

i write some code and suddenly it says (debug report has been generated.
luckily the problem is able to reproduce.

i write cin then the code-completion shows me suggestions i click enter and everything is fine
but when i write cin without clicking enter
and then trying it again real fast the problem happens
i think this is related to code-completion


i disabled smart sense  from setting>>editor>>code-completion and it is working fine now,
i am wondering how to get code-completion working fine now

What CodeBlocks version are you using.
What OS are you using?
Can you show us your code that causes the crash?


i am currently using the lastest version on debian12.5 linux
it is not the code that caused the crash
it is writing it
while using SmartSense when i write "cout" without pressing enter
then writing "cout" again it crashes

but mostly when i write "ccin"  also it crashes

please help i am new to debian linux and trying to get something done
i don't know if my problem is  easy
i am using( svn build rev 13046 (2022-11-18 13:56:24) gcc 12.2.0 Linux/unicode - 64 bit )
i am on debian 12.5 linux
when i open a cpp file and write "ccin" without quotes it crashes saying (debug report)

the debug report contains this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<report version="1.0" kind="exception">
  <system description="Linux 6.1.0-18-amd64 x86_64"/>
    <module path="[heap]" address="0x5642aafa2000" size="0x27ea000"/>
    <module path="/memfd:gdk-wayland" address="0x7f78b20f8000" size="0x7ad000"/>
    <module path="/memfd:gdk-wayland" address="0x7f78b30a6000" size="0x7ad000"/>
    <module path="/memfd:gdk-wayland" address="0x7f78cb728000" size="0x8000"/>
    <module path="/memfd:wayland-cursor" address="0x7f78e0cdc000" size="0x120000"/>
    <module path="/run/user/1000/dconf/user" address="0x7f78e708f000" size="0x1000"/>
    <module path="[stack]" address="0x7ffeb6945000" size="0x21000"/>
    <frame level="0" offset="0xb7c3c" address="0x5642aa824c3c" module="codeblocks"/>
    <frame level="1" offset="0x1da860" address="0x7f78e57da860" module="/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/"/>
    <frame level="2" offset="0x3c050" address="0x7f78e425b050" module="/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/"/>

when i write "cin" without pressing enter to autocomplete
then write "ccin" it crashes
please  i can't work on any other text editor and this crash i game changing for me


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