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change the file name plugins\codecompletion\nativeparser.cpp to parsemanager.cpp

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Hi, I think the file name and class name is not correct, and I want to change the file name from "nativeparser.cpp" to "parsemanager.cpp", in-fact, I have already comments in the header file:

--- Code: ---/** @brief NativeParser class is just like a manager class to control Parser objects.
 * Normally, Each C::B Project (cbp) will have an associated Parser object.
 * In another mode, all C::B projects belong to a C::B workspace share a single Parser object.
 * Nativeparser will manage all the Parser objects.
class NativeParser : public wxEvtHandler, NativeParserBase

--- End code ---

I see the clangd_client already has the file name changes.

I think I can handle the cbp file changes, the class name changes, but I'm not sure how to change the auto-tools build system. Any dev can help with this? Maybe, I just need to commit the changes, and you can help to change the other build system files? Thanks.

OK, patch file created, see attachment.

I have patches for all the cbp files.

Any objections?

You likely need to edit "src\codeblocks\src\plugins\codecompletion\"

@ollydbg: I always find names like *manager rather nondescriptive, like *object, *system, *thing.

As usual: Naming is hard.


--- Quote from: stahta01 on February 19, 2024, 05:25:10 pm ---You likely need to edit "src\codeblocks\src\plugins\codecompletion\"

--- End quote ---

Thanks Tim.

I will modify this file and push all the commits with "- CC:" log message prefix.


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