Author Topic: HelloWorld Plugin now found? Missing .la file? (beginners question)  (Read 3599 times)

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Hi, I have created a Hello World Plugin with the Wiki article and the plugin wizzard. I could even compile it (after deleting some lines), but nothing happens when I copy the file in /usr/local/share/codeblockd/plugins/ and restart the IDE. I wonder whether I need a .la file? How to get a .la file if I need it? Any ideas what the problem is?

I've already searched on the web how to make a .la file of a .so file, but could only find some cryptic autotools introductions. "#ranlib" doesn't work, it complains that the file format isn't recognized.. whatever that means.

Thanks for your help.

Ah, I should mention that I'm working under GNU/Linux and that I'm using the SVN sources of Codeblocks. I installed the plugin SDK by copying the include and lib directory into my /usr/local directory. (I guess that's not as it's thought)

EDIT: The Problem is that I can't activate the plugin, it's simply not in the list. :-\
EDIT2: Can't someone explain how to install a plugin correctly on GNU/Linux?
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Best wishes. :-)