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Code::Blocks C++ - connection to a serial COMx port


Hi.  I've recently downloaded CB.  All the tutorials work.  My next port of call is as per the subject.
Can anyone indicate good tutorial information about what must be readily available with respect to my Win 10 system ??
Compiler is GNU GCC.
Regards JC......

Miguel Gimenez:
This is OT here, look elsewhere for CreateFile() and boost::asio

I presume "OT" means "out there" ??
Can you suggest a good forum (or section CB web site) that would field questions on the GNU compiler and linker involved ??
Regards JC.....

Miguel Gimenez:
OT means Off Topic.

General programming and serial port programming are not related to C::B. Google yourself for the tutorials using the keywords I gave you.

Windows does not permit direct access to HW ports


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