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some of my workspaces don't have "other" files folder


In my older workspaces, if I added a .txt file or .bat file to a c++ project they would appear under the
        other(.txt, .sav, .bat, anything)

In my last 2 workspaces/projects adding non-c++ files to the project aren't showing up in the other folder.   There is no other folder, yet I have added non-c++ files to the project.

i.e. if my program outputs to a .txt file, i would like to be able to view the output file without using some other program.   I can view another file from codeblocks by using file->"open" but I like having them in the other folder.

I have tried changing my settings->environment to default and view->perspectives to default but that didn't change anything.

I figured out it was the way I was adding the files to the project.   i.e. if I uncheck debug and release when adding them, they don't show up in the project-other folder.   Lately I have been unchecking those boxes when these files aren't actually part of the program the project is making.  In some cases they are products of the current project and in others they are just useful to the project in some way.

IDK if this should be a bug report or feature request or what but I figured other people might run into the same problem so I should mention it.

Thank you for sharing!

Miguel Gimenez:
Future spam added to radar.


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