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Grit Clef:
       I finished building a small wxwidgets program this morning, and then I closed CB. After several hours(now) I reopened it to do some changes. But it crashed. And that was strange! I was just looking  through an article while CB starting, to my surprise, CB suddenly told me it crashed. Then I retried to start it, (I can ensure that I did nothing this time during CB's start) but it crashed again as soon as CB's start page appeared.
      I use CB r13426, on a Windows 7 32-bit system.
      The RPT file is attached. Any solution?

      Edit:Now I put my early backup of CB's conf file into the AppData directory, CB can work well.

Glad you got it working again.

This has, on rare occasions, also happened to me. Especially when I kill CB during a debugging session.
It appears to set the .conf file in a bad condition, thereby crashing CB on any restart.
I also just restore the .conf and keep on trunkin'.

The .RPT file, in this case, is useless because I can see no way to map the crash address to the causing function.

If you are compiling CB yourself, you can:
1) Backup output32_64.
2 Copy the devel32_64 dir to output32_64 dir so that the .RPT shows the actual source line that caused the error.

Thanks for the report.

Grit Clef:
OK, sometime I'll try to give you the debug rpt.

Grit Clef:
Hey Pecan!
       I've made CB crash again, with debug info! This time is, I clicked "Compile Current File" by mistake, and CB crashed after a short halt. I think this RPT file might contain the same info as CB generated that time it crashed at startup. Also, I'm always annoyed when it crashes right after I make CB compile/build some files/projects. Hope this rpt will give you much useful info.

Can you reproduce the crash? If you used a debug build then the RPT is way more useful.


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