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The 29 December 2023 build (13421) is out.


We switched to gcc 13.1.0 (on 04 June 2023) --> download the new wx/mingw dll's see link below

Get the compiler we use here :

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Before you use a nightly make sure you understand how it works.

A link to the unicode windows wxWidget dll(s) for Code::Blocks :
A link to Mingw64 dll's needed by Code::Blocks :

The 29 December 2023 build is out.
  - Windows :
  - Linux :

The current SDK version is : 2.25.0

Resolved Fixed:

* clangd_client 1.2.104 23/12/26 For completions, examine the LSP_SemanticTokenType to avoid appending parens to non-functions.
* Clangd_client 1.2.105 23/12/27 For completions, add support for var ClgdCCToken::semanticTokenType.
Regressions/Confirmed/Annoying/Common bugs:


OS X version of this rev can be downloaded from my website.
There is only a macOS-11.6 version.
Note that it is not a notarized version of the application.

32 bits version for Windows can also be found in the same place.

Debian Bookworm and Bullseye (32 and 64 bits) can be installed from my repo
The corresponding unsigned deb files can also be downloaded from the website page linked above.

Ubuntu-22.04, 23.04 and 23.10 versions can be installed from my ppa

@killerbot : You've made a typo in the last lines of the "Important changes to the nightly builds" topic : the last "subtitle" says wxWidgets 3.23 instead of wxWidgets 3.2.4



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