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nightly builds: main package sf path including wx/mingw dlls versions?


For automatized downloads of nightly builds it would be great, if the SourceForge download path of the main binary package included the wx / mingw versions in a regex-able way. This would make manual amendments obsolete when the prerequisite dll's change.

The path to the main binary package (e.g. '') does not reveal the versions of the required dll's which are for the latest example:
- 'wxmsw32u_gcc_cb_wx324_2D_gcc1310-mingw64.7z'
- 'Mingw64dlls13.1.0.7z'

Here simple examples of how that could work:

Not sure if '2D' is a feature which could change in the future (with unchanged wx version) or not.

Would that something you guys taking care of the Windows nightly releases would consider?

I think I might give this a try:

Though I have the feeling something similar for the compiler might be needed .....



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