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How to view YMM and ZMM registers in watches window?

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Is there a way to view the YMM and ZMM registers in the watches window? Viewing $xmm0 shows the contents of XMM0 as expected, but $ymm0 and $zmm0 just shows the the text "void" and the type void.

Version          : 20.03-r11983 (on Windows 7 x64)

P.S.: $rflags or $flags also show 2 x void, but $eflags does work.

Miguel Gimenez:
Probably they have no associated types (256 and 512 bits are too big).

Sorry about that, it seems to be a problem with GDB rather than Code::Blocks.

I'm using "GNU gdb (GDB) 13.2". It disassembles the code correctly with AVX2 instructions and ymm registers, but no amount of googling and trying commands in the console will make it print the value of YMM registers :-(

Just interesting, do you work with such registers all the time, or why do you need these registers?

omlk, how is the post relevant?


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