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Debug and breakpoint markers


If I remember correcltly in earlier version of codeblocks markers for break points and step by step execution consist in different color of background and text of the line. One can customizing the colours in Settings -> editor -> syntax highlighting. In codeblocks 20 these options still present in syntax highlighting menu but there are no effective and the markers were replaced by red circle and yellow arrow in the left margin of editor. This is the current status and the option to customizing colours disappear.

I'm digging into forum and, in the past, some users ask how to restore the previous visualization; the answer was negative.
If I remember correctly this change was necessary because the "arrow and circle" aren't affected by a problem of visualization under linux systems. This in 2020.

My question is: the current style for breakpoints and step by step are definitive ore there are some plan to return backward to oldest marker?


Miguel Gimenez:
AFAIK this is definitive.


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