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Can someone guide me through one of the steps of this tutorial...?


Hello, I have gone onto a tutorial. (I am a total newbie, I started today).

When that page above states 'Returning to the main source (main.cpp) include the header file and replace the cout function to match the new setup of the project.


I do not understand it that bit... please can someone just explain that step for me? I.e. what I do. I have followed every other step and I do not achieve the end result, like the tutorial states.

A little help please for a newb?


PS if this post is in the wrong place, please inform me and tell me where I need to put it, and I will move it, or a mod can move it but please let me know. Thank you.

Miguel Gimenez:
This board is only for C::B development, you should use "Using Code::Blocks".

Stop the tutorial when arriving to Changing file composition, get familiar with this basic project (modifiy, add code...) and get back to the tutorial when you are more experienced.


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