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Compiler toolbar : r13398


I almost exclusively use the compiler toolbar to create projects. But I often click on 'Rebuild' instead of 'Build and run' because of the proximity!
So I suggest you modify this toolbar by moving the 'Stop' between the two previous icons.

I submitted a ticket :

Does this happen to you as well ?

Miguel Gimenez:

--- Quote ---Does this happen to you as well ?
--- End quote ---

You can always reactivate the annoying dialog that warns about rebuilding.

But aren't the object files deleted before rebuilding ?
If so, we'll have to build them all anyway.

Miguel Gimenez:
They are deleted only if the dialog is disabled or you click OK on it.

Yes, but I haven't had this dialogue in a long time !
Since I made this modification, I no longer make the error described above.


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