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The 19 November 2023 build (13398) is out.

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We switched to gcc 13.1.0 (on 04 June 2023) --> download the new wx/mingw dll's see link below

Get the compiler we use here :

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Before you use a nightly make sure you understand how it works.

A link to the unicode windows wxWidget dll(s) for Code::Blocks :
A link to Mingw64 dll's needed by Code::Blocks :

The 19 November 2023 build is out.
  - Windows :
  - Linux :

The current SDK version is : 2.25.0

Resolved Fixed:

* wxSmith: Replace long with wxWindowID in the generated code.
* Clangd_client - Patch to Parser::LSP_ParseSemanticTokens(event) addressing the crashes in ClassBrowserBuilderThread.
* Clangd_client 1.2.95 23/11/11
* Clangd_client 1.2.96 23/11/17
Regressions/Confirmed/Annoying/Common bugs:


OS X version of this rev can be downloaded from my Google Drive.
There is only a macOS-11.6 version.
Note that it is not a notarized version of the application.

32 bits version for Windows can also be found in the same place.

Debian Bookworm and Bullseye (32 and 64 bits) can be installed from my repo

Ubuntu-22.04, 23.04 and 23.10 versions can be installed from my ppa

The Google Drive folder of this rev also contains the unsigned deb files available in the repo.


could we post the links for the nightly at the main CB website?

That would let users the project is still alive and kicking.

FWIW, gcc 13.2.0 compiles 13398 + wxWidgets 3.2.4 on Windows 10 quite nicely.


--- Quote ---could we post the links for the nightly at the main CB website?
--- End quote ---

...or maybe even better: a script that puts the "recent posts" headlines (incl. date) from here at least once a day close to the top of the page.


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