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"(invalid)" in codecompletion.cpp if "Settings=>Global variables.." is incorrect


I figured out codecompletion and checked what would happen if you set a non-existent variable

--- Code: ---$(#wx33_64.include)
--- End code ---
in the "Build Options ... =>Search directories => Compiler"
I in custom me Code::Blocks add:

--- Code: ---// TODO: OMLK 15.11.2023
if(dir.Find("(invalid)") != wxNOT_FOUND) {
 wxString bad_path = dir; bad_path.Replace(wxT("\\"), wxT("/"));
 Manager::Get()->GetLogManager()->LogError(wxString::Format("Incorrect path: %s in %s:%d",bad_path,__FILE__,__LINE__));
  CCLogger::Get()->Log(wxString::Format("Incorrect path: %s in %s:%d", bad_path,__FILE__,__LINE__).c_str());
--- End code ---

  codecompletion_invalid_path.png (203.21 kB, 1280x1024)

And the problem or solution is?
I could not understand your post as it did not have basic:
a) Intro
b)  body
c) conclusion/outcome/final


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