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Debug Report popup message then crash



I am using code::blocks on Mac and I'm programming a game in SFML. There is several specific cases where a popup appears like in the screenshot attached and freezes my program. Pressing Ok or Cancel does nothing but crash code::blocks. One way to make the popup appear is by writing Texture backgroundTexture; followed by backgroundTexture.loadFromFile - and then it freezes - before I can write the full
backgroundTexture.loadFromFile("graphics/background.png");. The other way I can make the "debug report" appear is by pressing Settings > Scripting, and again, same thing. I have code completion turned off because otherwise grey squares appear instead of actual code completion (Seems to be a Mac issue).

I have read other people's reports where this has happened and have tried to both rename and remove cbKeyBinder10.ini, cbKeyBinder10.ini.bak, and default.conf inside ~/Library/Application Support/codeblocks and no change has worked. Whatever I do to them is insignificant because they are remade again if the program starts without them and my changes remain there with no success.

If anyone knows how I could fix this issue (because I literally cannot move forward), I would gladly appreciate it.


It seems that the current version does not have the feature to store information after reopening the file. Please wait for the new update. :(

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