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Assert: "NULL pParser: IdleCallbackHandler* ClgdCompletion..."

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Hi there,

I am using code::blocks svn 13344 and have noticed that I occasionally get the following assertion/error upon program launch. Sometimes the error will appear multiple times in a row (with each launch, that is) before launching normally without error. This only occurs perhaps a number of times each week.

NULL pParser: IdleCallbackHandler* ClgdCompletion::GetIdleCallbackHandler(cbProject*)() 662

<press OK>

Fatal assertion error
Assertion failed in IdleCallbackHandler*
ClgdCompletion::GetIdleCallbackhandler(cbProject*) at

pParser && pParser->GetIdleCallbackHandler()

I assume that this is an error regarding the use of the Clangd Client plugin rather than an issue with code::blocks.
The program crashes upon confirmation of the second dialog box regarding the error.

Thanks for reporting.

I'll have a look at it.
Any special way to make it to happen?

Not that I know of. Perhaps only 1 out of 20 launches result in the assertion error showing up; and they persist even less than that--that being appearing after restarting code::blocks.

Is this assert on Windows, Linux, or Mac ?

What is your setting for Settings>Environmental>OnApplication-startup

Fixed svn rev 13372
Thanks for reporting.


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