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The 01 September 2023 build (13344) is out.

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Hello Miguel Gimenez and Tim.S.

Please accept my apologize for my late reply.

--- Quote ---Commits in the range 13159-13166 are not related to global variables, are you sure 13159 works and 13166 does not?
--- End quote ---

I have tested it today again.

* I can confirm, it is working with the nightly from the 22.01.2023 (13159) and it is not working with the nightly from the 29.01.2023 (13166) .
* Please refer the 2 screen shots in the attached zip-file:

* CB_13159_compiler_toolchain_executables.png
* CB_13166_compiler_toolchain_executables.png
Actually I download every nightly. But for some reasons I don't change always to the newest one.

* The attached zip-file provides a screen shot from my nightly root-directory:

* NightlyFolderRoot.png
* The highlighted folders were tested by me to figure out when the issue occurred.

--- Quote ---Based on the images; I am guessing the compiler auto detection is the problem area; instead of the global variable area.
--- End quote ---

This sounds plausible since the auto-detection warning-dialogue occurs always while starting Code::Blocks when the issue is present.

* However this was the case last year also.
* The attached zip-file provides a screen shot from my MinGW root-directory

* MinGWFolderRoot.png
* As you can see, I don't use the traditional root-directory for the build-suite.

* But I use an own root-directory parallel to other development tools.
* Furthermore, I provided more than one version and flavour.
* Thus, the auto-detection would always fail in my case.
* I use different personalities (defined in different conf-files) to choose the version and flavour to work with while starting Code::Blocks.
* Thus, I would expect that Code::Blocks is checking the paths configured in the global variables to use the build-tools configured there.
* If the tool-chain configuration is referring to global variables than Code::Blocks may check if they are validly configured.
* But if one of the global variable is not validly defined, than it is the responsibility of the user to correct its definition.
* However, Code::Blocks replaces the global variable by standard tool-names, what should not be done from my understanding.
* In my case the global variables are referring to valid build-suite locations.
* This means a valid configuration will be replaced by an invalid one.
Nevertheless, please have a nice weekend.

Best regards,
                    Eckard Klotz.

Miguel Gimenez:
I have just created ticket 1420.

Miguel Gimenez:
Should be fixed in r13375.


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