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The 03 June 2023 build (13304) is out.

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when posting the nightly I was already kind of inspecting this, the content of the zip of those dlls, was based on the content of the previous system. Which was posix, so the current one is that mcf, so indeed makes sense that one should be in the zip now instead of the posix one.

This also seems to indicate which better stick to posix ..... ?

I think last time by mistake I took the mcf (or mayb the posix was not there at that time ... ??)

Any ideas, suggestions, ...

killerbot:  has been reuploaded, containg 4 dll's now (including libmcfgthread-1.dll)


--- Quote from: killerbot on June 03, 2023, 10:50:53 pm ---  has been reuploaded, containg 4 dll's now (including libmcfgthread-1.dll)

--- End quote ---

Ok! Very thanks.

Thank you for the update.
I think MCF threading model is still in test mode though it is faster than the POSIX one, and we should not use it in production apps to end users because it can blow up in our faces at any moment.

Question: Why have chosen Winlibs over Mingw-Builds

Mingw-Builds are still updated as you can see by niXman and I am trying to keep SJLJ exceptions model for x86 updated as well, and that is for compatibility reasons only, and you can get them here:

great, good information coming in :-)

I will make a new nightly this week, switching back to posix.

Why winlibs, well the previous releases/nightlies were using : ===> Which seems dead.
For some years I wanted to switch back to TDM (gcc 10), but problems were reported in the forum, so I never tried.

So I did some minimal googling and ended up at winlibs, and gave it a try, and it seems to work ok. No build issues at all, in the process.

Looking at it again :
Winlibs is indeed the second entry, and the ones you mention is actually the first entry.

I don't remember, I think I might have come across these 2, my experiments are like over 1 month old, and the fact winlibs had gcc13 most probably influenced my selection.

To be honest, I don't know the differences between the 2 sets. I would suggest that as winlibs has some explanation on that page , that would also be welcome for your set.

And I think already in the past a google search also already had shown me winlibs, since on a test machine it was on the bookmarks toolbar of firefox ;-)


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