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The 03 June 2023 build (13304) is out.

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removing the mingw dlls and wx dlls, based upon the toolchain used for this nightly.
Later today new ones will be reuploaded, again posix toolchainbased.

tomay3000, many thanks for these usefull insights  :)

I think on our wiki we can advertise both the winlinbs and the niXman, for people wanting to go etch compilers in cases they want to be up to date, since whatever we bundle, the day after it is already out dated  8)


--- Quote from: tomay3000 on June 04, 2023, 05:16:01 pm ---
* Mingw-Builds by niXman is the official continuation (updated by MinGW-w64 website itself) to the previous dead one
--- End quote ---
Necessary to note than niXman uses implementation of the native wi32 threads, which looks like is an official gcc solution for C++ threads under windows. I dont know what wxW requires, but native win32 threads under std::thread are definitely better than winpthread. 


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