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The 03 June 2023 build (13304) is out.

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Still, it's better and easier to use C++ assembly from   -->>  +++

Windows Security reports *severe* threat in CbLauncher.exe! Is it a false positive?


--- Quote from: killerbot on June 04, 2023, 08:24:02 am ---I will make a new nightly this week, switching back to posix.

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Yes please, I would prefer that, too and Brecht Sanders has just released a version (Release 4) that works just fine for me. Indeed way better than the MFC one (which has trouble with quite some libraries I regularly use).


--- Quote from: tomay3000 on June 04, 2023, 02:29:49 am ---Question: Why have chosen Winlibs over Mingw-Builds

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Just my 2 cents here: The WinLibs version comes with most common libs included that is very helpful if you start programming. I assume that we will avoid quite some programming questions if we ship these just with the compiler. Code::Blocks is intensively used in schools, universities or alike so this is probably a good thing to do.

But of course: Only one setup will include the compiler which is intended for beginners and "lazy" professionals. Professionals can and probably should select the compiler upon their needs, install themselves and setup as desired.

What I wanted to say is:

* Just avoid MCF for now as it is not ready yet and may cause problems in the future and just stick to POSIX even though MCF is mentioned by MinGW-w64 website itself.
* Mingw-Builds by niXman is the official continuation (updated by MinGW-w64 website itself) to the previous dead one
* Winlibs is just fine if you chose the right Toolchain.
* My personal favorite is Mingw-Builds by niXman as he provide the source code as well that I forked from to bring SJLJ for x86 to life again.


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