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Restart 'CB' from 'CB' ?


Can 'CB' be restarted by clicking on any menu item (e.g. changing the language) ?
Which function(s) should be used ?

Did you find any info out ?

I am not interested in such a function. IMHO, it is not worth the trouble.

I'd rather focus on removing things that may be a reason for a restart. E.g. programming errors in cb or its plugins: undefined behaviour corrupting state, memory leaks or logic errors. One thing that annoys me for example is the slowdown in "find in files". After using it a few times on a larger project it becomes an order of magnitude slower.

Switching the language during runtime does not occur on my priority list either.

It's not a priority, but when translating 'CB' into another language, you must restart 'CB' to check the translations. So this would make the job easier.
I haven't come up with anything yet !

I would suggest start CB from the command line using an separate CB profile for each Language to be tested.

Tim S.


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