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Original Post-compile message in the build log?


Hi there, I have been using code::blocks for many months now without issue. It is my favorite IDE. I remember there being an original message sent to the build log with bold blue text after a successful compile; but now in my build log there is only italicized blue text: "Process terminated with status 0" with the compile time and diagnostic information (errors, warnings) included with it. I am not sure what caused this change but I would prefer the original compile message -- does anyone know how to fix this?

Try doing just build or re-build instead of the Build and run option.

Tim S.


--- Quote from: stahta01 on May 21, 2023, 04:46:39 pm ---Try doing just build or re-build instead of the Build and run option.

--- End quote ---

Yes sir, this is what I normally do unless I am testing updates.

Here is the build log output:

-------------- Build: Debug in console (compiler: GNU GCC Compiler)---------------

g++.exe -Wall -g -g -IC:\mingw64\include\c++\12.2.0 -IC:\mingw64\x86_64-w64-mingw32\include\gdiplus -IC:\mingw64\x86_64-w64-mingw32\include -c "C:\Users\-------\Desktop\Programs\CodeBlocks Projects\console\main.cpp" -o obj\Debug\main.o
g++.exe -LC:\mingw64\x86_64-w64-mingw32\lib -LC:\mingw64\lib -o bin\Debug\console.exe obj\Debug\main.o   
Output file is bin\Debug\console.exe with size 152.94 KB
Process terminated with status 0 (0 minute(s), 5 second(s))
0 error(s), 0 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 5 second(s))

The last two lines are blue and italicized, but the output message seems to have changed, if I am correct. I do not remember changing a setting, just one day receiving a different message upon a successful build.


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