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wxSmith issue about the generation of _T() or _()


I just found that by using the latest svn header version of code::blocks

Some generated code has changed from:

--- Code: ---    ComboBoxBaudRate = new wxComboBox(ConfigPanel, ID_COMBOBOX1, wxEmptyString, wxDefaultPosition, wxDefaultSize, 0, 0, wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER, wxDefaultValidator, _T("ID_COMBOBOX1"));
--- End code ---


--- Code: ---    ComboBoxBaudRate->Append(_T("110"));
--- End code ---

I mean the _() is changed to _T().

Is that by design? Any ideas?

I think the choice option should be translated, so I think _() is the correct option.

OK, I think I have found the reason.

It is in this code:

- wxSmith: Do not add _() to strings without alphabetic chars. arnholm/codeblocks_sfmirror@60e1e7d

So, only translate the text if is has some alphabetic chars. Nice feature!


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