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The 06 May 2023 build (13268) is out.

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Miguel Gimenez:
Thank you for testing. Can you check the 29 January nightly?

Regarding the VS dsp project conversion issue, please create a ticket including the contents of the assertion and, if possible, a test project.

Unfortunately, CB_20230129_rev13166_win64 froze too.
Let me know if you want me to try an older nightly. I don't mind.

About the assert, the error says "A debugging check in this application has failed.
../../src/msw/treectrl.cpp(1132): assert "item.IsOk" failed in SetItemBold(): invalid tree item.

I used the latest nightly to show that message.

For the project, clone and select File->Import Project->MS Visual C++ workspace and select quake2.dsw


In the code::blocks bottom panel, when it doesn't freeze it would put a message about the NativeParser switching project to my project name.
When it does freeze, it gets stuck on
NativeParser::OnParserEnd: Project "NONE" parsing stage done!.

It doesn't say
Switch parser to project 'Whatever'

I hope that could be useful to you.

Miguel Gimenez:
I am pretty sure it is a mutex problem in CodeCompletion. I also suffer it, but currently have no time to debug, so your help is welcome.

Can you do a bisection from, say, 19 june to the one before 13166?. Beware, they are not sorted by date in the nightlies post because of replies.

No luck, CB_20220619_rev12839_win64.7z froze too.
I'll try older nightlies.

It's somewhere between

I couldn't get 12487 to freeze.
12596 froze like all the newer ones.

Update 2:
CB_20211214_rev12579_win64.7z Seems to be the latest nightly that didn't freeze.
Which would make CB_20211220_rev12596_win64.7z as the version that introduced this bug.


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