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The 06 May 2023 build (13268) is out.

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Would those of you  able to get the freeze with the legacy CodeCompletion please disable the Symbols Browser and tell us if you still get the freeze.

Settings>Editor>CodeCompletion>SymbolsBrowser>Disable Symbols Browser check box.


Since my last post,I found a procedure to make it freeze.
for me it freezes when :

* the project is a bit complexe (try with somethink like Heloword, never freezes  :) )
* enter a symbol (or namespace ...)  in the code
* When the completion proposal appears on the screen, hit some backspace and change the symbole.On some project it freezes immediately

I tried just now to disable "Symbols Browser" , looks ok.
so i closed CB and run it again, re-enable  "Symbols Browser"
and it didn't freeze for the moment.  :o

I'll will test more, and I'll get back to you.

thanks for your attention

So ... I was wrong
working with CB make it freezes with or without "Symbols Browser" enabled
sorry my to speed answer.

the procedure to make it freezes is not so systematic
bug still present on  svn13368


--- Quote from: ccdric on October 05, 2023, 05:00:07 pm ---bug still present on  svn13368

--- End quote ---

probably corrected on nightly 13473 see ticket #1458
thank you very much @pecan


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