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I tried desperately to compile this plugin, but no way, always an error at the end.
I'm looking for this plugin already compiled under windows, gitblock.dll

Thanks for your help

Miguel Gimenez:
The compiler used to build C::B and the plugin must be the same, so a random dll will not work.

Post here the error you get (in code tags) and a link to the source code.


Under windows10
gcc: mingw81_64
I'm using last wxWigdets release compiled with mingw81
GitBlock from here
I tried to compilt it using Code::block 20.03, but I did not compile code::block myseft.
Compilation ok, link failed with lot of message such as "C:\Cpp\CodeBlocks\wxWidgets-\interface\wx\string.h|323|error: 'wxUniChar' does not name a type; did you mean 'wxPutchar'?"


--- Quote from: BlueHazzard on October 06, 2018, 05:40:48 pm ---Yes this project file is linux only...

--- End quote ---

You likely will not be able to compile this CB Plugin.
It is 8 years old; so, unless you wish to use a really old CB or fix this so it builds I think giving up is the correct thing to do.
Note: If you wish to continue; you need to be able to build wxWidgets with the oldest compatible mode on I think that is 2.8.
Then build Code::Blocks using that wxWidgets.
After you get both of those built you can try to build this plugin.

Tim S.


Thank you for your fast answer, it's getting really complicated, it's really annoying
Is there any way to integrate Git in codeblock?


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