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C::B could not save settings Debugger looks strange and dont work

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I have a problem with C::B.
I installed the 20.3, but there the debugger dont work.
(See picture). Also I cant remove breakpoints.

But on 17.12, the last version I have, I can not save the config.

Miguel Gimenez:
That is a problem with the GDB version you are using, it colorizes the output using ANSI escape sequences unexpected by C::B.

It is fixed in trunk, if you want to fix 20.03 see this forum thread

EDIT: About saving config, recent Windows (W7+) do not allow writing under Program Files. I do not know why 17.12 tries to write there, but it will not work unless you execute C::B as administrator.

Perfect, the fix to disable the ESC-sequences works fine.
Now can I set/delete the breakpoints and als the watches are displayed nice.

I also dont unterstand why C::B trys to write there. I added the rights, so that C::B can write there and I added also the directory tree, but nothing.

I deleted again all from C::B and searched also the registry and deleted all. Also a complete search on the hard drive and deleted all with relation to C::B by hand.

After a new istallation it works.

Many thanks for the help.

@Miguel and thanks for PM (the help with the postings)

Still I have problems with the debugger.
If I set a breakpoint before I start the debugger then the breakpoint is active and will be entered. But if I set a breakpoint on runtime (after I startet the debugger, or when the debugger ist paused), then the breakpoint never was reached.

Its very difficult to debug a program if I cant set breakpoints on runtime.

How can I fix this error?

Miguel Gimenez:
You must pause execution before setting a new breakpoint.


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