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Colour reversing problem


Hi everyone,

I am new to coding and just signed up an online course on Udemy.

My computer is a MacBook pro with an M2 max chip. - I edit videos for work.
After reading through the info on this forum, I have now installed C::B on my computer.

Line commander -> macports -> xquartz -> C::B from the terminal.

there is a problem now, when the C::B is launched, the colour seems to be reversed, like being highlighted. and also the words on the application become blurry - see picture
and when I move the cursor to another winder and started typing, C::B seems back to normal. - see pic 2.

Please help me out! I want to learn c and c++.

Thanks all,
Desperate noob

Miguel Gimenez:
I know little about Mac, but you can try a recent nightly; Look here.

Thank you, I will give that a try!


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