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Making Code::blocks as a universal editor as like VS code


Hello Everybody!

I know C::B for a while (2010 from the University) and I really got used to it for the years. I used to run through C++ tutorials and C exams.
That's why I sending you these sentences hopefully someone have the solution my problem. I start using VS code which has many other options and plugins which I did not find in C::B.
But I still want to stay with Code::Blocks...

I like to set up C::B for every programming language  which I used (latex, pyhton, html,css etc.) or plan to use it (C#, mardown etc.) + I want git plugin into C::B and an built-in command line interface (shell/terminal) under the log&others to send scripts to it.

I try to create a website with C::B but when I opened again my code it shows me the output of the website and not the source code to edit again.
Also I did not find how can I switch to compiler gcc to latex, pyhton etc. :(

Is there any plugins to solve these problems or will be soon? Or C::B always be specify for C/C++ and maybe D and Fortran? 
Do guys planing to create LSP (language server protocol) for Code::Blocs or something like that?

Thank you!
Have a nice day!

Hi, there is a clangd_client plugin, which implement the LSP for C/C++ language. You can see it's code in our official SVN repo.

But I'm not sure how complex to C::B support many other language LSP, such as C#, python.

Thank you, I will try it! :)


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