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Exactly what is going on here.


--- Code: ---    //(*Initialize(Test_GUI_4Frame)
    wxMenu* Menu1;
    wxMenu* Menu2;
    wxMenuBar* MenuBar1;
    wxMenuItem* MenuItem1;

--- End code ---

I note when I remove the comment tags and put an ordinary comment for "Initialize(Test_GUI_4Frame)"
that the program compiles without errors.

Miguel Gimenez:
Those are special comments from wxSmith, if you delete them wxSmith will not be able to update your source.

Interesting that you can remove the comments except for first line and it still compiles OK.

For a C++ compiler, lines beginning by // are comments (only this line). But the other lines are not comments. This is different for the bloc of lines between /* and */ which are normal C comments.
C::B mark the other lines in grey and italic, but this is just to tell you that they are lines created by wxSmith, which must be compiled.

What are the errors you are getting from compiling?


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